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In 2014, I met my husband, Kellon on Twitter. He was living in Arizona with his brother, Reece at the time. Holli and I, both living in Tennessee, were hanging out on a regular basis and even planning a trip to London. After Kellon and I started dating long-distance, Reece and Holli caught each others eye, or twitter posts (haha). Kellon and I quickly made plans to hook them up and planned a double date, via Skype. 

Fast-forward (maybe two or three weeks) with a few days off of work due to the holidays, Holli and I bought tickets to fly to meet, for the first time in person, our guys. We spent New Years with them.541612_10204470836828889_6110147971384025323_n(New Years 2015)

A few months later, March 4, 2015, Kellon and I were married. Shortly after, August 1, 2015, Reece and Holli were married. As Reece and Holli quickly approach their 2 year anniversary, I am looking back on these past two years and how the Lord has worked our lives together. 

So much has changed over this short time, we all moved across the country to Arizona, (Kellon and I came back to Tennessee), we have had five babies in heaven, and are going through an adoption and Reece and Holli welcomed Evelyn to the world in March. Evelyn has changed everyone’s lives so much. She has the sweetest little smile and double chin that appears when Holli calls her “pretty girl.” She loves cuddling and staring at ceiling fans. 

Fourth of july_-4

I am excited to see how the Lord continues to work our lives together

and grow our families. 

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Happy Two Years Reece + Holli!

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