Evelyn | Tucson Arizona Lifestyle Photographer

Tucson Arizona lifestyle_-10

“There is something about babies that soothes all the ills.”

Arizona holds so many special things to me. I love the cacti, the mountains, the dry heat, the sand, the colors, the blue sky and the sunshine; but I have a new favorite thing about Arizona. This little one. This is Evelyn Edwards. She is our niece. Tucson Arizona lifestyle_-9Tucson Arizona lifestyle_-12Tucson Arizona lifestyle_-19Tucson Arizona lifestyle_-24

Tucson Arizona lifestyle_-22Tucson Arizona lifestyle_-13Tucson Arizona lifestyle_-29Tucson Arizona lifestyle_-28Tucson Arizona lifestyle_-26

Tucson Arizona lifestyle_-43Tucson Arizona lifestyle_-44

Tucson Arizona lifestyle_-35Tucson Arizona lifestyle_-17Tucson Arizona lifestyle_-50Tucson Arizona lifestyle_-53Tucson Arizona lifestyle_-59

Here are some picture of Kellon and I holding our niece ❤

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