Coulton & Taylor | Mount Lemmon | Tucson, AZ Elopement & Wedding Photographer

Tucson Arizona Mount Lemmon-2

While visiting Tucson, AZ, I got to see my good friend, Taylor, her husband Coulton and Goose. Taylor is a local photographer who I got to know when I was living in Tucson. She needed a second shooter for a wedding in Colorado and so of course, the first time we ever met, we spent two days in a car together (literally sleeping two nights in her car haha). After that we were either going to never talk again or become best friends. We became best friends! 

Tucson Arizona Mount Lemmon-35

I wanted to shoot on Mount Lemmon at Windy Point because it is an iconic view of Tucson. The city I miss dearly. On top of Mount Lemmon you can see a higher view of the mountains that surround the City of Tucson.

Tucson Arizona Mount Lemmon-58

I am so glad I got to take these photos of my friend. 

Tucson Arizona Mount Lemmon-3

“A photo is more than a photo

it is art of a persons soul

explaining another’s” 

Tucson Arizona Mount Lemmon-53Tucson Arizona Mount Lemmon-64Tucson Arizona Mount Lemmon-70Tucson Arizona Mount Lemmon-71

Tucson Arizona Mount Lemmon-73Tucson Arizona Mount Lemmon-5

Tucson Arizona Mount Lemmon-85

Tucson Arizona Mount Lemmon-82Tucson Arizona Mount Lemmon-84Tucson Arizona Mount Lemmon-98

Tucson Arizona Mount Lemmon-105Tucson Arizona Mount Lemmon-109Tucson Arizona Mount Lemmon-110Tucson Arizona Mount Lemmon-115Tucson Arizona Mount Lemmon-118Tucson Arizona Mount Lemmon-127Tucson Arizona Mount Lemmon-130

Tucson Arizona Mount Lemmon-135

Tucson Arizona Mount Lemmon-140Tucson Arizona Mount Lemmon-157Tucson Arizona Mount Lemmon-160Tucson Arizona Mount Lemmon-163Tucson Arizona Mount Lemmon-166


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