Kolby & Sarah |Holy Spirit You Are Welcome Here | Nashville, Tennessee Wedding and Engagement Photographer

The theme: Holy Spirit you are welcome here. 

I see this as the theme of Kolby and Sarah’s wedding because their wedding was filled with prayer and every detail these two wanted the gospel, the goodness, the glory and the love of the Lord to be evident. They prayed while getting ready, they prayed by themselves at the ceremony site before the wedding, Kolby prayed with the pastor and his groomsmen minutes before the wedding as Sarah prayed with her parents. They prayed during their ceremony and we prayed before we ate. Prayer-filled, love-soaked, giggle-infested, Jesus-rooted wedding. 

Kolby and Sarah know the good news. They want others to know it too. They wanted others to see it on their wedding day. Jesus loves you. The love of Christ is sufficient for all our flaws, all our downfalls, all our wrongs. He is good and gives salvation. 

Kolby and Sarah, a note to you: I was honored to see your love for the Lord and because of that the deep love for each other and Jayden. I cannot wait to see how the Lord continues to grow and mold you two. Be prepared, trials will come. But count it all joy, because He is perfecting you. (James 1:2-4). 


The roots are deep

The covenant is solid

Love is sweet

& God is good

-John Piperuntitled-13untitled-19untitled-4untitled-5untitled-12untitled-35untitled-36untitled-48












Venue: Grace Valley Farm

Dress: LVD Bridal in Nashville, TN

Flowers: Trader Joe’s and Nashville Import Flowers

Caterer: Tasty Table

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