Clayton & Ali | Intimate Wedding In The Mountains of Gatlinburg, TN | Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer

untitled-17Ali and Clayton had an intimate wedding at Cades Cove in Gatlinburg, TN, where they invited their parents, grandparents and siblings only. The small rustic chapel they chose to marry in was beautiful and unique due to its history and the park rules. Anyone, at any time can come in. We had many a spectator joining the party at various parts of the day. I loved being a part of such a close-nit group. Ali and Clayton chose to share this special union with those who have watched them mature into the people they are now and who will continue to be their mentors, confidants, friends and supporters. 

Watching them together was special to say the least. These two, a couple of few words, looked at each other with the deepest of affections. You’ll see as you continue to their images that they have a deep friendship and love. 

We ended the night by going up the ski lift to watch the sunset. What a perfect way to end the night in the mountains. untitled-8untitled-13untitled-27untitled-38untitled-40untitled-52untitled-54untitled-65untitled-70untitled-71untitled-75untitled-83untitled-92untitled-94untitled-103untitled-104untitled-105untitled-113untitled-117untitled-125untitled-130untitled-136untitled-139untitled-145untitled-147untitled-154untitled-156untitled-166untitled-177untitled-183untitled-189untitled-196untitled-201untitled-327untitled-328untitled-296untitled-308untitled-314untitled-319untitled-322untitled-332untitled-339untitled-340untitled-348untitled-351untitled-357untitled-360untitled-361untitled-363untitled-367untitled-369untitled-371untitled-387untitled-390untitled-392untitled-396untitled-397untitled-402untitled-405untitled-412untitled-414

Dress: Low’s Bridal

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