Arizona Lifestyle Photographer | Jacob & Emily

untitled-13Kellon and I were so happy to have Emily and Jacob spend a weekend with us here in Tucson while they were on their Arizona trip! Emily and I became friends through photography. It is amazing the relationships you can grow through mutual loves. The love of photography has given me so many relationships that are priceless. Emily and Jacob are a husband and wife photography team in Memphis, TN and they shoot amazing work! untitleduntitled-6untitled-8Sabino Canyon National Park

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
― Lao Tzu

untitled-15untitled-17untitled-21untitled-22untitled-23untitled-29untitled-33untitled-34untitled-35untitled-36untitled-40untitled-41untitled-42untitled-45untitled-47untitled-49untitled-54(The base of Mt. Lemmon)untitled-56untitled-59untitled-60untitled-63untitled-66untitled-68untitled-72untitled-80untitled-82untitled-83untitled-85untitled-86untitled-89untitled-90untitled-93untitled-94(Saguaro National Park)untitled-98untitled-100untitled-102untitled-103untitled-105untitled-110untitled-112untitled-114untitled-117(Windy Point Vista, Mt. Lemmon)untitled-118.jpg

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