Chris + Jocelyn | Engagement

untitled-180“I’ll keep you wild

You keep me safe”


Chris and Jocelyn are that couple that you would never put together but once you see them together you’d never take them apart. Chris is a mild man, intelligent, kind, giving, loving and godly. He reminds me of my own husband. Jocelyn is on fire, vibrant, enlightened, loyal and Christ-like. They have this thing, this saying they share that they use to easily define them, “I’ll keep you wild, you keep me safe.” Better put for those who don’t know this couple as well, she keeps him wild, he keeps her safe. 

When I met with Chris and Jocelyn about their engagement session, I really wanted to choose a location that would embody who they are as a couple. We chose Fall Creek Falls State Park. This beautiful location has adventure as well as calm waters, it was perfect. On the drive (4 hours one way) I got the chance to watch these two together just doing life and I am so so excited to be apart of this journey they are on. untitled-23What makes Chris and Jocelyn different from your average couple? It is very obvious when you meet them. They are totally, completely in love with Jesus. As they shared with me about their wedding plans and life plans I was overjoyed to see a couple who keeps Christ at the center of their relationship and plan to keep Christ at the center of their marriage.untitled-29

“The gospel is this: We are more sinful and flawed in ourselves than we ever dared believe, yet at the very same time we are more loved and accepted in Jesus Christ than we ever dared hope.”
― Timothy Kelleruntitled-32untitled-43untitled-63




One thought on “Chris + Jocelyn | Engagement

  1. Audrey turner

    Love the picture. Now you know Jocelyn as we know her and how special she is and how committed to her faith that she is. Wishing the best for this special couple.


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