Philip & Mikayla : Engagement

“Marriage is the only thing that has come down to us out of Paradise, and that has something of the Paradisaical state still clinging to it. Marriage has been used by our Lord Jesus Christ as the emblem of His love to His church, and of His union with her, and that fact puts high honor upon it.

Jesus wrought His first miracle at a wedding, and it was a very significant miracle, turning water into wine, as if to show that life, after marriage, becomes more full, more rich, more exhilarating, than it was before. ” -Charles Spurgeon

I had the privilege to photograph Philip and Mikayla along side Mikayla’s sister, Leilani Evans, during a mentorship session. (She was mentoring me of course because she is fantastic). One thing that really stands out to me about Philip and Mikayla is that they want to honor the Lord with their relationship and marriage. I cannot wait to see these two grow in love, life and the Lord!untitled-18untitled-38untitled-24untitled-28untitled-31untitled-32untitled-42untitled-44untitled-46untitled-53untitled-54untitled-57untitled-64untitled-66untitled-67untitled-71untitled-82untitled-84untitled-7untitled-88untitled-89untitled-93untitled-96untitled-98untitled-75untitled-100untitled-102untitled-8untitled-10untitled-108untitled-110untitled-113untitled-117untitled-118untitled-119untitled-121

2 thoughts on “Philip & Mikayla : Engagement

  1. Natalie Marking

    Hi, Jenna! I don’t see your prices anywhere on your site and I was wondering if you would mind emailing me your price options? 🙂


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