Robby and Georganna

“Seven years is a long, long while
Somehow you still make me smile
I’d say almost most the time
Here’s the way I feel

I like you, I just like you
Even when I don’t try to
Yes, I do, that’s the truth
I like you”

-Ben Rector, I Like You


Robby and Georg have a unique relationship that was obvious right off the bat. They LIKE each other SO MUCH! When driving from one location to the next I watched them behind me at a red light as Georganna turned the radio up and starting bouncing and giggling towards Robby. They truly enjoy being together and it was a treat to photograph them. untitled-4untitled-6untitled-7untitleduntitled-10untitled-14untitled-25untitled-30untitled-35untitled-37untitled-39untitled-40untitled-55untitled-56untitled-61untitled-64untitled-69untitled-71untitled-74untitled-76untitled-84untitled-2untitled-86untitled-89untitled-89untitled-91untitled-94untitled-95untitled-101untitled-112untitled-113untitled-117untitled-120untitled-121

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