Anniversary Weekend

untitleduntitled-3untitled-4untitled-6untitled-9untitled-8untitled-7untitled-10untitled-11untitled-12untitled-13untitled-19untitled-17untitled-14untitled-15untitled-16untitled-18untitled-20untitled-21untitled-22untitled-23“Real love, the Bible says, instinctively desires permanence.”
― Timothy Keller

Kellon and I celebrated one year of marriage on March 4, 2016. What a sweet year it has been. We went to The Devils Den in Arkansas where we hiked the Yellow Rock Trail and camped. It was a nice weekend to get away and enjoy each other without electronic distractions. I’m not much for writing so I will keep it short. My husband rocks my socks off and I love him to pieces. Please enjoy our photos!

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